Goodman Piano School of Music

Studio Activities

Autumn Party

Spring Musicale

Themed Party Recitals

Community Service Recital

Costumes are encouraged!  Piano students perform for each other to improve their piano performance skills.  Music bingo is played to test music theory and history skills.  Prizes are given out to winners and spooky treats are enjoyed by all!

Piano students play holiday music for a local senior citizen's home.  This activity not only helps piano performance skills but teaches piano students to give back to the community as well! They enjoy playing piano for grateful audiences!

The theme of this party is decided by the piano students each year.  In the past, Hawaiian, pajama, and build-your-own sundae piano parties have taken place!  It is fun to learn how to play piano!  

This annual piano recital is for family and friends to hear the piano students perform and see the progress they have made over the past year!  The piano recital is followed by a small reception where piano students can mingle with other piano students and families.

"Parties are the most fun!  We get to share music, play games, and have fun!"

                         -Adam, fifth grade




"I like getting to study music in different periods (of music history).  Debi introduced me to different styles and allows me to experiment with the styles that I like best!"

                         -Tara, ninth grade



Debi's piano students enjoy homemade cookies and milk as they learn music theory in group lessons!


Middle and High School students enjoying group lessons together!

IMG_2928 IMG_2888 IMG_3986 IMG_3893

Students collaborating in a duet performance.

Winter Musicale

Autumn Musicale

Students of all ages and skill levels are welcome in Debi's school of music


Student Achievement Day is sponsored by the Fort Collins Music Teachers' Association. This is a non-competitive event where students perform their music for local piano teachers and receive a state certificate and constructive feedback.

Student Achievement Day