Goodman Piano School of Music


Piano teacher, Debi Goodman, has been teaching piano lessons for over thirty years and is very well connected in the musical community.  She is currently a member of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), Colorado State Music Teachers Association (CSMTA), and Fort Collins Music Teachers Association (FCMTA). She has also accompanied numerous choirs and musicals and has taught students this valuable skill.


Debi’s piano instruction approach is to make music fun and nurture the inner musician of all piano students.  She is always striving to create new and unique musical experiences to keep learning exciting.  Debi’s piano studio is demographically diverse: from four-year-olds to senior citizens and boys and girls alike!  Students love their master classes where Debi bakes homemade cookies and serves hot chocolate while students practice their piano performance skills with each other.  Holiday costume parties also keep piano musical learning exciting while piano students brush up on their music history and theory.

Debi teaches how to play piano emphasizing quality music education yet with the fun and care in which that students blossom.  The students love to learn to play piano.


As a piano teacher, Debi is unique in that she has an open door policy where parents are welcome to sit in at lessons to see their child’s progress and help in their musical development.


"I love my piano lessons.  The music is so nice and Debi helps me so much!"

                                   - Madeline, second grade

"The thing I like most is the easy, pre-accepting environment.  I can easily do what I want to do and it is much more centered about piano being fun than a fast competition to see who is best."    - Ryley, ninth grade